Litigation is a very expensive method for resolving disputes.  And, when a case goes to trial, there is a 100% likelihood that one side will be disappointed, and nearly as likely that both sides will be disappointed with the result. Alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR) are far more effective and more efficient in achieving a desired result for all sides.

 What can alternative dispute resolution (ADR) do for your business?

…..$49,409,385 and 250,229 hours*

[* Litigant costs and attorney hours saved in 7,900 cases referred to mediation in a five county early mediation pilot study by the California Judicial Council. (1)]

…..$300,000 average company savings*

[* CPR study of 653 responding companies that use alternative dispute resolution systems. (2)]

…..4,000 disputes resolved within 8 weeks*

[* Halliburton’s experience with non-litigation dispute resolution— most disputes were resolved within 8 weeks of having arisen. (3)]

…..41% reduction in formal complaints
…..90 to 98% satisfaction with process
…..over 70% satisfaction with outcomes*

[*US Postal Service implementation of early dispute resolution systems— Kansas City results. (4)]

These numbers do not include the tens of thousands of days of litigants’ time saved, thousands of days of court time saved, and improved settlement results. The benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), both before and after initiation of litigation, are substantial— in short, ADR adds value in dispute resolution and conflict management.

The goal of dispute resolution is to reach the best solution for the disputing parties at the least cost— that is, an optimal and efficient result. Such results are best achieved with interest-based bargaining and a problem-solving approach.

For many disputants and litigators, however, shifting gears from a competitive, “I win, you lose,” mindset to a cooperative, problem-solving one can be difficult—we at ADR Source can help.


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